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ROX-MMS running in the panel ROX-MMS is a ROX panel applet that controls XMMS. It is modeled after GKrellMMS, an XMMS control plug-in for the popular system monitor GKrellM. ROX-MMS is written in C and uses the XMMS remote control library to interface with XMMS. (This library normally comes packaged with XMMS.) This allows it to directly access things like the playlist and file data as they are displayed by XMMS.


The current version of ROX-MMS has the following features:

See the README file for more details and documentation on the configuration options available through the configuration dialog.


Current Version

Download ROX-MMS 0.3.7 (Binary for x86 Linux)

Alternate source3: Download this source archive if you are missing header file errors when compiling. The header file paths changed in ROX-CLib 2.1.3 and the "regular" version have trouble building (although pre-compiled binaries will still work).

As of version 0.3.3, ROX-MMS requires GTK+ 2.0 or greater and ROX-Clib version 1.1 or greater in order to run.

Older Versions

Download ROX-MMS 0.3.2 (Binary for x86 Linux)

This version uses GTK+ 1.2 and does not require ROX-CLib.


To install, unpack the archive to the desired directory and click on the AppDir in ROX-Filer to run the application. To put ROX-MMS in your panel, just drag the AppDir to the panel.