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Slow day today on the thesis front. I was hoping to get more done, but my computer malfunctioned last night and I spend most of this evening reinstalling and reconfiguring Kubuntu. On the up side, at least it went faster this time than the first time I installed it.

I only got through 11 paper articles today. By my count, I now have 12 left, although I think a couple of them are duplicates of electronic documents. Anyway, today's papers included:

  1. An interesting experiment that involved a formal methods team and a conventional CMM level 4 team independently implementing the same system.
  2. An article on software development productivity which doesn't seem to directly relate to formal methods. Not sure why that was in there....
  3. An article by Hoare illustrating several different types of formal programming methods, including logical, functional, algebraic, etc. On the down side, he uses a simple greatest common divisor example to illustrate.
  4. Two breif articles on the use of formal methods in standards, including military and safety standards.
  5. Two articles on the Praxis CDIS project. One is a reflective article by Anthony Hall, while the other is an independent analysis of the fault data recorded by Praxis.
  6. Hall's famous list of Seven Myths of Formal Methods, in which he relates misconceptions about FM using the Praxis CASE project as an example.
  7. A brief overview of some formal methods projects as part of the introduction to an IEEE FM special issue.
  8. An article by Craigen, Gerhart, and Ralston discussing the regulatory part of their massive 2 volume, 12 project formal methods study.
  9. A book chapter by Craigen, Gerhart, and Ralston discussing technology transfer from formal methods practitioners to the main stream and why there isn't more of it.

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