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ROX-Filer 2.x Patches

Note: These patches are to the ROX-Filer 2.1.1 development, but they also work with the 2.0.1 stable release.

Right-click menu patch

Note: This patch was merged into ROX-Filer 2.1.2.

This patch adds a "file menu on right-click" option (located under the "Menus" section in the options dialog). When enabled, this will cause the filer to bypass the toplevel menu and pop up the file operations menu when you right-click on a file or a group of selected files. This is basically the same as doing a ctrl-rclick, but you don't have to press control when clicking on a file.

To apply this patch, change directories to your ROX-Filer AppDir and run the command
patch -p1 < /path/to/rox-filer-2.1.1-rclick.patch

SendTo menu patch

This patch fixes the handling of MIME-type specific Send To entries. Normally, MIME-specific entries are only displayed when only one file has been selected. This patch makes the filer show MIME-specific menu items when multiple files are selected. If all the files are the same type, e.g. if you've selected five JPEG images, it will display the same SendTo menu as if you'd selected a single JPEG. If the files are the same media type, e.g. an HTML file (text/html) and a plain text file (text/plain), then it will display the entries for that general media type, i.e. the greatest common denominator of MIME type, as it were.

To apply this, switch directories to your src subdirectory of your ROX-Filer AppDir and run
patch -p3 < /path/to/rox-filer-2.1.1-sendto.patch

Wallpaper 1.9.1 patch

This is a small patch for the GTK+ 2 version of Wallpaper. All it does is add a right-click menu option and associated command line option to make Wallpaper set a random backdrop. Up until this version, I used this command line option with a cron job to change my wallpaper every half hour, but with 1.9.1, that is no longer necessary. However, I still find it nice to be able to change my wallpaper without opening up a window, so I decided to patch this version as well.

To apply this patch, just open a terminal window, change to your Wallpaper AppDir and run

		patch -p1 < ~/Wallpaper-1.9.1.patch
Now you can right-click on the Wallpaper AppDir and get another menu choice.

ROX-Menu 0.3.2 patch

Note: This patch is against the ROX-Menu 0.3.2 source and is no longer being maintained. Do not try to apply it to the current version of ROX-Menu, as all the changes in the patch are either already present or have become obsolete in the new version.

This patch fixes a few problems with ROX-Menu and adds a few features. It fixes a bug in which ROX-Menu does not close properly when running as an applicaiton. (Clicking the window manager close button would close the window, but not quit the application.) It also adds support for the use of .DirIcon as a directory icon, if AppIcon.xpm is not present. This is quite handy when you're making your own application wrappers. It will also use .DirIcon, if it exists, as the icon for a group entry. Last, and probably least, it adds a right-click menu option to quit the ROX-Menu applet via a "killall ROX-Menu".

To apply the patch, open up a terminal window, change to your ROX-Menu directory and run

		cd src
	make clean
	patch -p1 < ~/ROX-Menu-feature.patch
If you get a message about assuming -R, just say yes. I haven't figured out how to fix that message quite yet. ROX-Menu should now be ready to run!