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About ROX-Menu

ROX-Menu ROX-Menu is an application menu for ROX. It can run as a "Start menu" style panel applet or as a popup menu running in the background. It uses a simple filesystem-based configuration method much like the ROX-Filer "Send To" menu. There's no need to edit configuration files or use some overly complicated menu editor just to add an application to the menu. All you need to do is make a symlink to it. To add a submenu, make a symlink to a directory. Directories are added recursively, creating nested submenus that correspond to your directory structure. The menu updates itself automatically, so if you add your Apps directory to the menu, you don't ever have to worry about updating it again.

Running as a popup menu


In addition to the basic features mentioned above, ROX-Menu provides the following:


Current Version

Download ROX-Menu 1.0.2 (Binary for x86 Linux)

ROX-Menu version 1.0.2 and greater require ROX-CLib version 2.1.3 or greater, ROX-Filer 2.0.0 or greater, and GTK+ version 2.2 or greater in order to run.

Older Versions

Download ROX-Menu 1.0.1 Binary for x86 Linux)

Version 1.0.1 will compile cleanly with ROX-CLib versions between 1.1 and 2.1.3. Due to a change in header file location, version 1.0.2 needs ROX-CLib 2.1.3 to compile, but binaries should still run on earlier versions.

Download ROX-Menu 0.5.0 (Binary for x86 Linux)

Version 0.5.0 is the last stand-alone version of ROX-Menu. It has no special requirements other than GTK+ 2.0 or greater.

Download ROX-Menu 0.3.7 (Binary for x86 Linux)

Support for GTK+ 1.2 was dropped in ROX-Menu 0.4.0. Version 0.3.7 is the last version with support for it. This version will also build for GTK+ 2.0 if it is present, so please see the README file for instructions.


ROX-Menu is installed in the same way as any other ROX application. Just decompress the archive to the desired directory, e.g. ~/Apps, and click on the AppDir in ROX-Filer to run the program. To put the menu in your panel, just drag the AppDir to the panel. If you downloaded the source archive, ROX-Menu will compile automatically.


This version of ROX-Menu is based on the original ROX-Menu 0.3.2 code by Leandro Pereira. For anyone who is interested, a copy of Leandro's ROX-Menu 0.3.2 code is available here. I also have one of my early patches to version 0.3.2 available on the patches page.